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"Never Been Better is simultaneously educational, emotional, and eye opening... The audiobook was great too, as I both read and listened to this one.

It's wrought with emotion and that really comes through in the narration.  10/10, man.  10/10."

- Kris, Goodreads

"The audiobook narration was done by Kym Miller, who brought all of the characters to life perfectly, and really enhanced my listening experience."

- Megan (megs_bookblog)

"The novel really tugs at your heart strings. You root for all of the characters to find their way and help themselves. I listened to the audiobook, which was perfectly narrated by Kym Miller."

- Mara L. - Amazon

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Never Been BetterContemp. Romance, Mental Health
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KUNI excerpt
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KUNI excerpt - Japanese
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Cover of book title The Power Wish. A full moon surrounded by text in circular pattern

"What a masterpiece!  Plus the voice is so soothing. This brought peace to my heart and mind.  I love it!  I’ll be listening to this again. 🙏🏻"

-- Audible reviewer

The Power Wish - Astrology/Self Help
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Cover art for book titled MINDSLIP.  A woman with glittery makeup in one corner, and young man in opposite corner. Backdrop of a starry sky.
Mindslip - Science Fiction
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Cover of Sumi's Book.  A young girl with flowing dark hair holding a hand mirror
Sumi's Book - Young Adult
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