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Listen for me as the classic X-Men character Jean Grey in MARVEL MOVE -- a new interactive fitness adventure for smartphones.


Featuring top-tier talent and fan-favorite Marvel characters including Thor, Loki, Hulk, and the X-Men.

Immersive, interactive audio narratives that will fully transport runners into the Marvel Universe!

Nellie Bly episode art, a young woman from 1890 in front of old map of China
Zombies, Run! cover art. An abstract runner fleeing a zombie hoard
Logo for Jack & Eugene World Tour podcast series, bold text with rock and roll feel
Art for White Out episode, 2 people with a dog sled walk toward a cabin in deep snow
Godmaker-Mission 1 cover art. A young medieval man holds a lantern in a dark cave
Sketch of Barberry character, a small troll like creature with large eyebrows holding a staff
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