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August 2023

We've been busy this month recording MARVEL MOVE's X-MEN: AGE OF ORCHIS as the app prepares to launch on August 30.  Look at this beautiful new artwork!  I can't wait to hear the finished product.

Also the Netflix comedy DREAM about a Korean soccer team is out now on Netflix.  I voice the English version as Jin-Ju, a sensitive young woman on the spectrum.

July 2023

A huge thrill this month at San Diego Comic-Con!  During a MARVEL panel, a sneak peek of MARVEL MOVE was played for a packed house -- and suddenly I heard my voice filling the room.  My inner nerd was flipping out and the reception by the crowd was great.  After attending Comic-Con for years, hearing myself as part of a real panel was amazing.  Also got to meet the wonderful Ryan Penagos, the Marvel creative exec working on the project.  Recording has resumed for the next episodes in the X-MEN: AGE OF ORCHIS series!  Can't wait for them to release this summer in the ZRX app.

SAG-AFTRA went on strike on July 14 and I stand with my fellow members in our fight for fair contracts, streaming revenues, protections from AI, and many other issues.  Read Why We Strike!

June 2023

Since partnering with Atlas Talent, it's been a flurry of auditions this past month and I'm grateful for each one.  So many varied opportunities and such fun to record.  Did a quick dub for an upcoming Netflix film titled DREAM, and a fascinating documentary I dubbed in March released on Netflix this month.  KING OF CLONES tells the story of the Korean scientist who shook the world with his controversial research into human cloning.

And after a long pause, the next episodes of MARVEL MOVE's X-MEN: AGE OF ORCHIS will be recording soon!  A few more roles needed to be cast in this sprawling story; can't wait to meet the new additions to our growing list of amazing characters.

King Of Clones - Netflix page

May 2023

Thrilled to say that I've started freelancing with ATLAS TALENT AGENCY for animation, video games, and dubbing!  Atlas has always been on my Top 5 list of Los Angeles voiceover agencies and it's a joy to be working with such professionals.

The first 3 episodes of X-MEN: AGE OF ORCHIS are recorded for MARVEL MOVE!  So fun to finally meet my director Ella and some fellow actors in the series (via zoom).  It's amazing how we are all spread across 2 continents.  In addition to Ella in London, there's Wolverine in Vancouver, Storm in the Bronx, Cyclops in Dallas -- and many more characters yet to be announced!

Atlas Talent logo
Marvel Move banner

April 2023

MARVEL MOVE is here!  The live-action trailer finally dropped announcing this fantastic new project and I'm voicing the iconic X-MEN character JEAN GREY -- and I can't believe I even typed those words.  (See updates from Jan. 2023 and May 2022 below)  Marvel Move is an interactive fitness adventure for smartphones, and will be featured in the ZRX app launching this summer.  Jean plays a central role in the storyline titled X-MEN: AGE OF ORCHIS.  We recorded Episodes 1-3 this week and it was a BLAST.  It's surreal to be a tiny speck floating in the Marvel universe. 🤯

BunnAmigos - BunBun character
Six to Start logo

January/February 2023

Amazing news!  The project I auditioned for in MAY last year finally came through and I'll be working again with my pals at Six To Start.  Can't announce it yet... but it's "an ambitious, multi-season dark fantasy audio drama... [an] epic continent full of clashing magic and roving heroes..."  Just recorded the VO for the live action trailer -- and it's going to be AWESOME.

Also ~ another gig for La Jolla Playhouse, reading new scripts for the Veterans Playwrighting Workshop.  As the daughter of an Air Force officer, it felt good contributing to the military community in a small way. 🫡   Aaaaand the promo video I recorded for LG last month is out!

Netflix logo

March 2023

"We're here, everyone!"  Happy to announce BUNNAMIGOS is now live!  A new travel podcast for kids, where 4 curious bunnies (with me as BunBun) discover new cities, cultures, foods and friends.  Join them as they hop around the world on epic adventures.  The first episodes are out now and available on all podcast platforms.  Also did more dubbing for an upcoming documentary on Netflix, title TBA!

November/December 2022

I was invited for a quick little gig with La Jolla Playhouse, reading stage directions for a new play as part of their DNA New Work Series.  Very cool watching Artistic Director (and Tony winner) Christopher Ashley work up close.  Then in December, a nice surprise booking for a job I auditioned for 2 months earlier!  Corporate narration for LG, about futuristic technology like a washing machine that uses NO water.  (What?!)  Working remotely with the director in Seoul was a breeze.

LG Life's Good logo
LJP logo
NCIS: LA logo
J-Town A Visual Novel logo

October 2022

Voice matching!  A fascinating aspect of VO that I got to dip my toe into, matching the voice of Oscar winner Linda Hunt for an episode of NCIS: LOS ANGELES on CBS.  Matching a voice starts with matching an actor's entire physicality and I loved the challenge.  Also this month - a chance to support my community by voicing a character in J-TOWN: A VISUAL NOVEL.  This grassroots project provides a friendly crash course into Japanese American culture through a fun, educational video game.

Linda Hunt, Hetty in NCIS: LA

Linda Hunt as "Hetty" in NCIS: Los Angeles

September 2022

Back to the studio to record another 4 episodes of BUNNAMIGOS!  This delightful new podcast teaches kids about world cultures and is just super cute.  Every episode focuses on a different city, and for Tokyo I got to play four very different characters as the "bunny amigos" look for adventure:  an intellectual bunny, a train conductor mole, a raccoon sumo wrestler, and an elderly crane.

BunnAmigos logo
Lake Louise at sunrise

August 2022

Took a trip to Alberta, Canada and was blown away by the soaring beauty of the Canadian Rockies.  The photo on my homepage is of Waterfowl Lakes in Banff National Park and the water actually is that incredible turquoise color.  My spirit was renewed hiking through fragrant forests above glacier-fed lakes, beneath deep blue skies and snow capped mountains.  And got to fulfill a dream -- kayaking on Lake Louise at sunrise. 

Lake Louise at sunrise. Click to expand

July 2022

So proud to see ASSASSINS honored by StageSceneLA!  As part of the team that brought this acclaimed production to life at East West Players (see below), we were recognized for BEST PRODUCTION, Outstanding Lead Ensemble, Outstanding Featured Ensemble, and multiple honors for individuals in Direction, Performance, Music, and Design.

StageSceneLA 2021-2022
Netflix logo - black
TwentyFiveTwentyOne art

May/June 2022

A bit of dubbing with NETFLIX for the K-drama TWENTY FIVE TWENTY ONE.  You can hear me at the top of episode 16, and here & there throughout the series.


Also recorded a very exciting (TBA) project with my pals at Six To Start, a brilliant game developer based in the UK.  As the creators of ZOMBIES, RUN! they've kept me busy on multiple projects over the past 2 years.  Have a listen...

Got very sweaty in another intense class with the Mocap Vaults:  "Heroes & Monsters."  A physically and mentally challenging day learning the art of Motion Capture, topped off with some serious zombie work!

Mocap Vaults pic

April 2022

After recording FLIP & MOZI'S GUIDE TO HOW TO BE AN EARTHLING for Tinkercast/Wondery last year, I was honored to be invited back for another terrific program, WHO, WHEN, WOW! which takes kids on a "journey into the lives of unsung heroes, unknown heroines and amazing humans who make us say “WOW!"  I play the first woman to summit Mt. Everest, Junko Tabei.  As an Everest buff I especially enjoyed recording her inspiring story.

Also this month, had a blast learning about motion/performance capture with The Mocap Vaults.  Such the polar opposite of voiceover... I'll definitely be training more in this fascinating craft. 

Who When Wow Junko Tabei art
Who When Wow logo
Assassins at EWP photo

February/March 2022

My debut at EAST WEST PLAYERS -- the nation's premiere Asian American theatre.  Thrilled for it to be the brilliant Sondheim musical, ASSASSINS.  It was such a joy to be back after a two year break!  Originally scheduled to open in March 2020 but shut down by the pandemic, the team reunited to bring this timely piece back to life in a powerful production.

Free Press - "... this imaginative, harrowing, gallows humor-type production marks the triumphant return of one of L.A.’s finest theaters... [with] rabblerouser Emma Goldman (well-played by the droll Kym Miller)."

Los Angeles Times -  "...disturbingly timely... this encounter with “Assassins” left me shaken — which is perhaps the highest compliment that can be paid to the show."

Broadway World - "ASSASSINS Shoots to Thrill.  ...a winner - visually, musically and across the board... Desai's production is end-to-end joyfulness."

TicketHoldersLA - "...the quartet [with] Kym Miller...knocks the show-stopping “Something Just Broke” right out onto [the street]...."

South Pasadenan - "...funny, touching, and deeply relevant... experiencing this show is electrifying and thought provoking.  The entire cast is perfection..."

StageSceneLA - "...ensemble members [in] assorted cameos, most notably Kym Miller’s as anarchist Emma Goldman. ... This one is so good, it could and should go directly to Broadway."

TheatreMania - "...exemplary stagecraft and a committed cast make this a must-see production."

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